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Indian Restaurants Near Me: Where to find some great Indian food!

"Are there any really good Indian restaurants near me?" The answer is YES!!


Some of our favorite Indian restaurants that serve great authentic cuisine include:

Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine and Taste of India in Melbourne, FL, Flavors of India in Cocoa Beach, FL, and our personal favorite, Taj Modern Indian Cuisine in The Avenue Viera.


First, we will fill you in on general information regarding these 4 restaurants and then we will give you all the awesome details on Taj Modern Indian Cuisine, their food and their mission.

Indian restaurants near me in Melbourne, FL

Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine

(321) 622-6990

Facebook description:

"'A blend of spice, a blaze of color, a burst of flavor' – see, smell and taste the true pageantry of Indian Food at Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine."

Taste of India

606 N Wickham Rd Melbourne, FL 32935

(321) 751-4191

Facebook description:

"If you are interested in an elegant introduction to the mysteries and marvels of Indian

cuisine, stop in soon!"

Taj Modern Indian Cuisine

(321) 409-4584

Facebook description:

A vision by a group of friends to take away stigmas surrounding Indian food, while preserving authenticity and showcasing Indian architecture.

Indian food near me in Cocoa Beach, FL

Flavors of India

(321) 613-3715

More about Taj Modern Indian Cuisine in The Avenue Viera

Delicious food...check!

This chef is NO JOKE! We are crazy for their Mango Lasse and their fresh baked traditional Indian flat bread baked in the tandoor. Their Butter Chicken is also an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Lovely staff...check!

The owners exude passion for perfection and gratitude to the community and their customers.

The staff is so attentive, helpful and truly happy to work at this fine establishment.

Great atmosphere...check!

Traditional lighting, each unique, handmade pieces of art. Wooden curtains made from the same family who made curtains for emperors of India. Beautifully designed ceilings. Authentic Indian money inside the bar. They also have a charming outdoor patio that overlooks the center of The Avenue Viera.

Authentic Indian wines and beer served at Taj:

Taj also just released some incredible lunches. As they describe, "Introducing the Dabba (lunchbox) by Taj. Motivated by the awe-inspiring Dabbawalas of Mumbai, we’re on a mission at Taj to provide fresh, affordable, and filling lunches for our community!" Check it out!

Run, don't walk to check out Taj Modern Indian Cuisine in Viera. You won't regret it!


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