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Best Credit Card Processing Company Near Me

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Are you looking for a reasonable and local credit card processor near you around Brevard and the state of Florida?

What if you found someone who stands by his word, prioritizes customer service, avoids contracts and doesn't believe in any junk fees?


He is kind and genuine, and he founded a local company called Zeeke Payment Solutions. He serves (and I mean serves) a little over 700 business clients most of which are located within ~50 mile radius of Brevard, and he is passionate about helping them save as much as possible when it comes to credit card processing. If you or someone you know hate paying so much for payment processing at the end of every month, maybe you should give Ralph a call. He will do everything he can to help!

How can Zeeke Payment Solutions help you with your credit card processing needs, especially with small business card processing?

We're glad you asked. In fact, we asked Ralph exactly that and a whole lot more!


More about Ralph

I grew up in South Carolina and I am a Clemson grad - very proud of that. So when you drive by my house you'll see that tiger paw flag flying in West Melbourne.

In 2002 I started Zeeke Payment Solutions named after my dogs Zeeke. I have been in the credit card processing industry for 21 years, and this has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling thing that I've ever done. I'm having a ton of fun!


Years ago when I started, it was nothing more than me walking into a business, and saying, I know you accept credit card payments. Let me see if I can help you save money.

In today's world, there are so many different challenges that business owners face. We work with our customers to help drive business through things such as gift card programs, customer engagement programs, point of sale systems, mobile solutions, contactless solutions and much more. One of the things I love is that we have an invoicing solution that allows business owners to invoice via email. The customer can pay that invoice at the time they receive the email in a secure environment.


Who are your clients?

Zeeke Payment Solutions has over 800+ active clients, of which, the vast majority are right here in Brevard, FL. They include the hospitality industry, the restaurants, the coffee shops and the bars. Others include nonprofit organizations, thrift stores, veterinarian offices, repair shops, salons and tradesmen. There are electricians, plumbers and other professionals who have to take payments as soon as they complete their work out in the field. Those are just a few examples.


What are those customers experiencing right now as it pertains to payment processing?

Every April the card associations manage their risk and losses, and if there's a single category that has an increase, they reach out to their customer base and say, "Well, based on the latest increases that we've received, your new rates are now x."

For years I've said that my industry is "A need-not-to-know industry," meaning the processors need merchants, not to know the truth about what goes on. They know that the merchants need to have this service, and they figure they don't have a choice.

I truly believe that an educated client becomes a very loyal client. Additionally Zeeke Payment Solutions created and branded a very unique product set that we call the Customer Cash Incentive Program. This is where we help business owners and merchants communicate to their customers their preference of accepting cash. However, if the customer then chooses to pay with the card, they know they're going to pay a small additional fee. Now that fee doesn't go to the merchant, it does not go to that business owner, it goes directly to the processor to pay the card associations. That is a huge, huge benefit to the business owner and to the merchant.


What kind of benefits are you seeing from that program? How much are businesses saving?

Our customers are saving around $600-$2400 every month with this program!


What are your major promises you make to your clients?

In 21 years, I don't believe in contracts. I don't believe any termination fees, I don't believe in monthly minimums or inactivity fees or anything like that. I just don't believe them because I want my clients to feel good about the decisions they made. I want them to feel good about me: keeping the margins thin and then backing it up with service because it's my reputation that's out there in our community. So I've got to learn how and know that I can deliver on the things that I've told my customers. I want my customers to be 100% happy. If we're not providing the support, or if we're not providing them the service or the promises that we made, I want them to go somewhere that makes them happy.


What kind of service can your clients expect?

We have two centers one right here in Florida, and in New York. Plus all my customers know that they have complete access to me. I've even had people call me three or four o'clock in the morning just to see if I'd answer the phone, and I did.



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